Test engineer

Ekobot builds solutions for sustainable food production. During the summer of 2022, we will test our weed robots in field operation on farms in Sweden and the Netherlands.

We need help to ensure the quality of our robots and are therefore looking for a test engineer. You will be responsible for planning and conducting tests and verification of our robots. In case of problems, you will also conduct troubleshooting in close collaboration with our developers.

Good software knowledge with good knowledge of CI / CD technology. We use GitHub and Jenkins to build and distribute our software written in python and c ++. We use ROS as a framework.

Good knowledge of planning and carrying out tests on hardware-related systems, preferably robot systems. You must be able to define and document test cases. You must also carry out tests on our robot and report the results back to our developers in a structured manner. If necessary, you should also be able to perform basic troubleshooting, especially software-oriented but also electromechanical.


Good test and quality assurance knowledge. Plan and document strategy, test documentation and implementation. Document test cases and document results in test protocols. Establish and adapt CI / CD routines. Configuration management of hardware and software. It is important that you have an aptitude for creating structure and order.

Good software skills

Knowledge of troubleshooting and software loading of embedded systems. Experience of software testing and CI / CD processes. Knowledge of python, c ++, linux and shellscript. Preferably experience with ROS.

Basic mechanical skills

You should be able to perform basic troubleshooting in connection with testing, for example testing and measuring in electrical and mechanical systems.

Scope of work

Mid feb – last jun, with possible extension.

Note that we are looking for you who are a consultant in the field of work who are interested in the position as an employee.


Online demo of our robot system Ekobot

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Demos in the Netherlands

We conduct a number of field demonstrations in the Netherlands. Keep an eye on upcoming events.
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Demos in Sweden

We conduct a number of demonstrations in Sweden. The next one takes place at Helgegården in Skepparslöv
(Skepparslövsvägen 258, 291 92 Kristianstad).

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