Business model

Farmers around the world face challenges in the use of herbicides in crop production, autonomous robot, capable of mechanical weeding on the field, offers farmers an attractive alternative.

1. Customers

Large and medium-sized vegetable growers (open-air) within the EU.

2. Services

The customer buys the product as a service, ie. long-term leasing / rental with installation, annual service and support

3. Sales channels

Direct sales to end customers and via partners and resellers

4. Management

Ekobot will have the solutions for a large part of the producer’s needs, from weed management to services for sowing, fertilization, special analysis and harvesting

5. Partners

Ekobot has partners in financing, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and support. All to create an optimal customer experience

6. Products

Autonomous robot platform for precision inserts in vegetable cultivation

About the company

Ekobot AB is the company behind one of the world’s first fully autonomous field robots that can take care of mechanical weed control with exceptionally high precision. We at Ekobot help farmers and growers reduce costs of weeding crops while also doing it in a CO2 neutral and ecological way.

Online demo of our robot system Ekobot

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Demos in the Netherlands

We conduct a number of field demonstrations in the Netherlands. Keep an eye on upcoming events.
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Demos in Sweden

We conduct a number of demonstrations in Sweden. The next one takes place at Helgegården in Skepparslöv
(Skepparslövsvägen 258, 291 92 Kristianstad).

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