Invitation to live press conference – Victoria Woyland, Vice President Volvo Group takes a seat as a regular member of Ekobot’s Board

Welcome to a live press conference with Ekobot AB and Victoria Woyland from Volvo Group, connected solutions. During the meeting, a presentation will be made of the nomination committee's proposal for a new member of the board of directors, Victoria Woyland. Ekobot's and CEO Erik Jonuks will also provide a status update for 2021.

Erik Jonuk's CEO Ekobot AB
Victoria Woyland Vice President Volvo Group connected solutions
Thomas Lindgren Chairman Ekobot AB

The press conference begins on Tuesday, June 29, at 10:00. Participation in live press conferences with the opportunity to ask questions is reported to

It will also be possible to follow the press conference live via the link below.

The press conference is mainly held in Swedish with the opportunity to ask questions in English.

10.00 CEO Erik Jonuks + Chairman Thomas Lindgren Welcomes

10.05 Presentation Victoria Woyland, Volvo group connected solutions

10.15 Q&A Victoria Woyland

10.25 Status reporting – CEO Erik Jonuks

10.35 Q&A from audience

10.45 Ending press conference 

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