Nomination committee appointed for the 2022 Annual General Meeting of Ekobot AB

In accordance with a resolution at Ekobot's Annual General Meeting on May 12, 2021, it is hereby announced that the company's major owners have appointed a Nomination Committee from among themselves.

Nomination Committee
In accordance with a resolution from Ekobot's Annual General Meeting on 12 May 2021 on principles for the Nomination Committee, a Nomination Committee has been appointed prior to the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

Nomination Committee for the 2022 Annual General Meeting

  • Anders Blomberg, Chairman of the Nomination Committee and appointed by Unibap AB (publ)
  • Ulf Nordbeck, own holding
  • Tord Cederlund, own holding

In addition, Thomas Lindgren, Chairman of the Board of Ekobot AB (publ), will be co-opted to the Nomination Committee. No remuneration shall be paid to the members for their work in the Nomination Committee. However, the Nomination Committee shall have the right to receive resources from the company upon request, such as a secretarial function in the Nomination Committee and the right to charge the company with costs for recruitment consultants and travel related to the assignment, if deemed necessary.

The Nomination Committee shall submit proposals for resolutions on the following issues to the 2021
Annual General Meeting:
a) Proposal for chairman of the Annual General Meeting
b) Proposals for board members and chairman of the board
c) Proposals for fees and other remuneration for board assignments for each of the board members
d) Proposals for election and remuneration of auditors
e) If necessary, propose changes to the instructions for the Nomination Committee

Submit proposals to the Nomination Committee
Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee may do so in writing:

  • By e-mail to the Chairman of the Board:
  • Or by letter / post to the following address: Ekobot AB (publ) to: ValberedningenSlakterigatan 10, 721 32 Västerås

About EkobotEkobot AB (publ)
based in Västerås, conducts business based on the business concept of developing, manufacturing and selling autonomous agricultural robots that enable efficient precision cultivation where weed management takes place completely without or with minimal use of herbicides. The company's vision is to provide the agricultural sector with a long-term sustainable alternative to reduce or completely eliminate chemical spraying in crops of crops for human consumption.

For more information, see Ekobot's website www.ekobot.seAugment Partners AB, tel. +46 8 505 651 72, e-mail: is the Company's Certified Adviser.

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