Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting in EKOBOT AB (publ)

The shareholders in EKOBOT AB (publ), corporate identity number 559096-1974, are hereby summoned to an extraordinary general meeting on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

Due to the continued uncertain situation with the ongoing spread of Covid-19, the Board has decided that an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be conducted without the physical presence of shareholders, proxies or outsiders and that shareholders shall have the opportunity to exercise their voting rights only by postal vote. Information about the decisions made by the Annual General Meeting will be published on the company's website on June 30, 2021, as soon as the outcome of the postal vote is finally compiled.

Right to participation and registration
Shareholders who wish to participate in the Annual General Meeting must be entered in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB on Tuesday 21 June 2021, and cast their postal vote in accordance with the instructions below no later than Tuesday 29 June 2021 at 17.00

The person who has had his shares registered with a nominee must, in order to be entitled to participate in the meeting, have the shares registered in his own name through the nominee, so that he is registered in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB on June 21, 2021. Such registration may be temporary (so-called voting rights registration). Shareholders who wish to register the shares in their own name must, in accordance with the respective nominee's routines, request that the nominee make such voting rights registration. Registration of voting rights that has been requested by shareholders at such a time that the registration has been made by the relevant nominee no later than 24 June 2021 will be taken into account in the production of the share register.

Shareholders may only exercise their voting rights at the meeting by voting in advance by postal ballot. For advance voting, shareholders must use a digital form that will be available via the company's website, The form must be completed and submitted no later than Tuesday, June 29, 2021. A shareholder who exercises his voting right by prior voting does not need to register specifically for the meeting, but the submitted voting form is valid as a notification.
If the shareholder allows a proxy to vote in advance on its behalf, a power of attorney must be attached to the form. If the shareholder is a legal entity, a registration certificate or other authorization document must be attached to the form. Further instructions and conditions can be found in the form. Proxy forms for shareholders who wish to vote in advance through proxies are available on the company's website,

Proposed agenda
Election of chairman of the meeting
2. Establishment and approval of the ballot paper
Selection of one or two adjusters
4. Examination of whether the meeting has been duly convened
5. Approval of agenda
6. Election of a new member
7. Closing of the meeting

Documents to the meeting
Complete decision material will be kept available at the company and on the company's website,, at least as long before the meeting as follows from law. The documents are sent on request to shareholders who state their postal address.

Shareholders' right to request information
Shareholders are reminded of the right to request information in accordance with Chapter 7. Section 32 of the Swedish Companies Act (2005: 551). Requests for such information must be submitted in writing to the company at the address Ekobot AB, Bergåsgatan 9, 725 91 Västerås or via e-mail to no later than Sunday 20 June 2021. The information is provided by the company by keeping it available at the company's website and at its head office at Slakterigatan 10, 721 32 Västerås no later than Friday, June 25, 2021. The information is also sent to the shareholder who requested it and provided his address.

Live press conference before the meeting
The company will on June 29, 2021 at 10.00 hold a live press conference where the proposed board member intends to present himself. Shareholders will be given the opportunity to ask questions. More information about the information meeting will be announced on the company's website,
A warm welcome / The Board of EKOBOT AB (Publ)

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